Getting to Know Sara Bendrick

Feb 09, 2017
As a landscape designer with a passion for being involved with her projects, hosting the DIY Network’s I Hate My Yard was the perfect fit for Sara Bendrick. On the show she comes to the rescue of people who love their homes but HATE their yards. Sara and the homeowners work together to create the outdoor living space they've always dreamed of. Before you join Sara at the KC Remodel + Garden Show, get to know her a little better in our fun interview below. Enjoy!

Sara Bendrick

Q: What is your favorite paint color?
Sara: "Well, my favorite color is usually an orangy-yellow, but Pantone’s color of the year is greenery, which is a light spring yellow-green. So don’t be surprised if you see it around! 

Q: What’s one thing you think people should splurge on for their home? 
Sara: "Mature trees if you don’t 
have them, they are one of the most impactful things you can add to your landscape and have a 
ton of benefits like cooling down the house, providing shade and adding property value." 

Q: What’s one simple thing homeowners can do to improve their landscape or garden?
Sara: "Spend time on the entrance of the home; it is the first thing people will see to make impressions about your home... and you!" 

Q: What should homeowners look for when it comes to working with a contractor or interior designer?
Sara: "Someone who you feel understands your needs. And talks budget realistically with you. Budget is always going to be an issue, but if you are too budget conscious, it could kill the creativity...which is why you hired them in the first place. I guarantee you can design a boring kitchen all by yourself!"

If you need some yard inspiration, make sure to see Sara’s presentation on the Fresh Ideas Stage at the KC Remodel + Garden Show. The landscaping guru will be at the American Royal Center all weekend long, so don't miss her.


FEBRUARY 10-12, 2017.