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HomeAdvisor is an easy way for homeowners to find and connect with trusted home improvement, maintenance and repair professionals. We offer our homeowners a comprehensive suite of tools, products and services such as our patented Profinder, True Cost Guide, Instant Connect and Instant Booking. Access to all of the site’s features is free to homeowners, with no membership fees.

Sleep Number LogoAt Sleep Number, we have a mission: to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences. We start by focusing on you. From our revolutionary bed to our exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® Bedding Collection, we offer an innovative family of products designed to improve the way you sleep.

For a summary of independent clinical studies, call 1-800-831-1211 or visit sleepnumber.com

NARI_Kansas City_Logo_2016_Full_RGBKansas City NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and serving as an ally to homeowners. When you work with a NARI member you get an experienced, dedicated remodeling professional who adheres to NARI's Code of Ethics. Always ask your remodeling contractor... 

Are you NARI? Visit www.remodelingkc.com
NWWIM_2015_Wordmark-01The National WWI Museum and Memorial - Official Hero Day Sponsor.

100 W. 26th Street
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118 N. Conistor Lane, Suite B
Box 336
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Your dreams are a big deal to the team at Monumental Outdoor. Monumental Outdoor specializes in bringing dreams to life by creating landscapes, outdoor kitchens, fire features, and outdoor living spaces for homeowners in the Kansas City Metro area. We exist to beautify your property, so you have the time and opportunity to focus on what matters most.